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            Saturday @ the Almanac



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            Glenn Maxwell, the Man Cricket Doesn’t Deserve

            Possibly cricket’s greatest enigma, and entertainer, Glenn Maxwell is certainly one of a kind as Nick F explains.

            Almanac Flashback – Pier to Pub 2019: Murray won’t be home tonight

            From the archives: A tragic day at Pier to Pub 2019.

            Ten Footnotes from Vampire Weekend at Melbourne’s Forum

            Mickey Randall and Claire have a fab time experiencing the Vampire Weekend concert at the Forum in Melbourne.

            Neil ‘The Bear’ Button – champion footballer, quality human being

            Malcolm Ashwood continues his series of profiles on former Norwood greats. This time it’s Team of the Century member Neil ‘The Bear’ Button.

            Living in the moment – and I mean, the moment!

            In this honest and frank offering, Almanac favourite Jan Courtin shares her challenging experiences loving and caring for her beloved Marshall who is struggling with dementia. (Raw and courageous writing at its best – Ed.)

            Almanac History – What happened on January 9?

            Former student and teacher of History Ian Hauser looks back at significant people and events associated with January 9. Ring any bells?

            Blitz Golf – Is it golf’s version of T20?

            Blitz Golf is the golfing world’s answer to cricket’s T20. Joseph Ryan examines the concept.

            The 2019-2020 Test Summer: Poor preparation leads to piss-poor performance

            “These tales of visiting woe just serve to reinforce that the Australian test summer was really all about us. Which, if we’re being honest, is how we generally like it.” John Butler looks at the test summer that was.

            Almanac Life: Keeping things in perspective

            Ange Pippos writes that her ruptured Achilles is nowt more than inconvenience when compared to the devastation and suffering of those impacted so tragically by the bushfires.

            Almanac Roadtrips: Tea in Taree

            Kate Birrell and family take the road to Taree, and arrive just in time for tea.

            Who’s going to claim the eighth seed in the West?

            Mark Miller presents his thoughts about which teams may fight out for a place in the top “eight” of the NBA Western Conference.

            NFL Wildcard Monday – More upsets means the Superbowl is as open as ever

            Wildcard Weekend provided thrills and upsets for NFL football fans in the lead up to Super Bowl 2020 as Sean Mortell reports.

            Australia v New Zealand – Third Test: Day 4 at the SCG

            Australia wraps up the Third Test with a decisive victory against New Zealand on Day 4 at the SCG.

            Aspiring Young Writers’ Group: Common Cause

            Deakin writing student Ben Kirkby (who has written for the Almanac in recent times) begins his new column about his writers’ group which meets regularly to chew the fat about their writing and the process of writing. (Welcome back Ben – Ed)

            NFL Wildcard Sunday – Two wins that shook the playoffs

            In the early days of a new year some new sides are making a push towards Superbowl glory in the NFL – Sean Mortell takes us into the tension of Wildcard Sunday, where four teams entered and only two left.

            Almanac Contemplation: Anson Cameron’s latest (from the Fairfax press)

            Anson Cameron returns to Shepp and environs.

            Australia v New Zealand – Third Test: Day 3 at the SCG

            Liam Hauser reports on Day 3 of the Third Test between Australia and New Zealand at the SCG where the Kiwi batsmen got starts but couldn’t go on against the nagging off-spin of Nathan Lyon and the relentless quicks.

            Sausage Roll Review: Orange Spot Bakery, Glenelg

            Another sausage roll, another sausage roll review. Mickey Randall puts the taste buds to the test with his latest sausage roll review. Did that sausage roll pass the Mickey taste test?

            1968 SANFL Grand Final – Sturt v Port Adelaide: Triple Threats

            Swish has a rummage through the 1968 Grand Final Budget, which included team photos from all ten clubs, a bonus Barrie and lots of late 60s advertising.

            Australia v New Zealand – Third Test: Day 2 at the SCG

            Marnus Labuschagne scores his first double century but honours are about even on Day 2 of the Third Test Aust v NZ reports Liam Hauser.